Union Leader Compares Walker’s Reforms to 9/11

by Nathaniel Botwinick

Larry Hanley, the head of the Amalgamated Transit Union, compared Governor Walker’s reforms to the attacks on September 11 at a rally for Tom Barrett. The quotation:

I want to just take a minute here and remind everybody about an event that happened here in the United States eleven years ago. We were attacked. Consider this in the context of what happened here in Wisconsin — and around the United States over the last two years: the attack on government workers.

On September 11, when we were attacked, I didn’t see any bankers running up the stairs to save lives. . . . Reverend Jackson, I looked really hard to find somebody from Wall Street only a few blocks away from the trade center who would run over and save a life. I couldn’t find any. There were none. It was the public workers . . . And now we have watched people including some politicians in this state turn public employees into a worse enemy than Osama bin Laden.

h/t The Weekly Standard

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