Kleefisch on Recall: Today the ‘Silent Majority’ Speaks

by Katrina Trinko


It’s recall day in Wisconsin. And lieutenant governor Rebecca Kleefisch, who is fighting to keep her position in today’s election against Democrat Mahlon Mitchell, is excited, saying that she is “looking forward to tonight.”

“People are really excited,” Kleefisch says in an interview. “They cannot wait to get out and vote because the silent majority has been quiet for a really long time, and this is their first opportunity to actually vote Walker-Kleefisch from the first time the reforms have been enacted, and the savings have spread like a tidal wave across Wisconsin.”

If she and Walker win tonight, Kleefisch believes the message sent by the voters of Wisconsin will resound across the country. The crowds she’s encountered in the past few days campaigning have been “incredibly energized,” she remarks, adding that it’s “humbling.”

Has she encountered independent and Democratic supporters? “There are two kinds: People who approach us and who tell us their political beliefs don’t necessarily align with ours, but they are so frustrated by this recall and the taxpayers having to spend [millions]  on a redo when we simply did what we said we were going to do,” Kleefisch remarks. “And then there’s another group of people who will approach us and say listen, I tend to vote Democratic, I tend to be more on the liberal side of politics, but I got to hand it to you guys, you made a really tough decision, when the going got tough, you did what needed to be done in order to save the future of our kids and the state, and we’re going to reward you with our vote.”

Looking forward, Kleefisch welcomes a return to having time for ordinary daily tasks (asked what she’d like to do post-recall, she wryly mentions, “breaking down the boxes in the garage,” as something she’ll have time for again). But she maintains that she and Walker have kept their eye on state business during all the hectic recall days: “The governor and I have remained focused on work,” she says. Still, she looks forward to being able to devote more time to one of her particular interests, namely helping connect veterans in the state with work opportunities.

Does she think she’ll win tonight? Kleefisch’s answer is concise: “That’s the plan.” 

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