Today’s Questions for the President

by Peter Kirsanow

A year after the 1994 Republican congressional victories, President Clinton said, “These are the seven challenges I set forth — to strengthen our families, to renew our schools and expand educational opportunity, to help every American who’s willing to work for it achieve economic security, to take our streets back from crime, to protect our environment, to reinvent our government so that it serves better and costs less, and to keep America the leading force for peace and freedom throughout the world. We will meet these challenges, not through big government. The era of big government is over. . .” Government now is vastly larger.

The Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election is also believed by many to be, in part, a statement on the scale and scope of government. What, if any, statements do you plan to make regarding such election?

You called Vladimir Putin with congratulations after he won the Russian presidential election.You called François Hollande after he won the French presidential election. Given the high profile and potential implications of the Wisconsin election, do you plan to call either Governor Scott Walker or Mayor Tom Barrett with any comments? If so, what do you plan to say?

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