Ray Bradbury at 90

by NRO Staff

Almost two years ago, James Person celebrated Bradbury as he turned 90:

Over the many years of his career, Bradbury has inspired loyalty and affection from many who have known him and are familiar with his works. Even those who have never met Bradbury — who turns 90 on August 22 — have been touched to the depths of their being by his stories and novels, sometimes to their dismay.

I remember a dorm-room bull session during my long-ago college years, when a know-it-all from down the hall sneered, “Ray Bradbury? Come on! Who reads him any more?”

“After all,” the lofty young sophisticate explained, “his stories are all filled with . . . ethics and things.”

What “things”? Well, the average reader might find that Bradbury’s fiction exhibits such characteristics as lively writing, intelligent plotting, a sense of wonder, evidence of a cartwheeling imagination, and other such “things” deemed hopelessly unfashionable by his self-anointed betters.

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