Re: The Decline and Fall of the Blackberry

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

I know this is a classic First World problem here, but I know this struggle too well. Each reputed Blackberry upgrade begs me to go iPhone. But everyone making a pitch for the complete surrender to Apple has to acknowledge, even in trying to make the sale, that it will take a long time for me to ever be as efficient at typing on an iPhone as I am on a Blackberry. I take notes on it, I start or finish pieces on it. When my unedited collection of tweets is published (because I tweet, I cannot compose much more than 140-character thoughts in a sitting), it will have so many fewer typos because I did it on a Blackberry.

When Apple solves this problem, I suppose, the takeover will be complete. 

Self-indulgent whiny post now ends. Happy Friday. 

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