NBC’s Birther

by Noah Glyn

Over on the homepage, I write about Donald Trump’s relationship with NBC. Even though MSNBC hosts are adamant that Romney should cut ties to Trump, their parent company has failed to do so.

In the piece I quote an e-mail I sent to Erika Lewis, a senior press manager for NBC Entertainment Publicity, asking her about this inconsistency:

I’m wondering if you now have time to answer my question: Is NBC proud of its association with Donald Trump? I’m about to publish my story and your refusal to answer might give some people the impression that NBC is not proud of its association with a loundmouth Birther who peddles obnoxious conspiracy theories about the President of the United States. Which might raise the question of why NBC continues to profit from its association with said Birther. I’m sure you’ll want to clear all this up, so that’s why I’m emailing you yet again. Thanks so much Erika and I hope this finds you well.

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