First No ‘God Bless the USA,’ Now No Bieber

by Nathaniel Botwinick

Last week, an NYC principal banned the singing of “God Bless the USA” at a kindergarten graduation, and replaced it with Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” Despite the uproar, New York City’s school chancellor announced support for her decision yesterday. However, now Bieber has also been deemed inappropriate.

Mayor Bloomberg announced yesterday that PS 90 in Brooklyn has scrapped Justin Bieber’s ballad “Baby” from being belted out at the school’s June 20 kindergarten graduation ceremony. “The principal has decided she’s not going to sing that song. It’s the principal’s decision, and we support the principals,” Bloomberg said during a press conference at the Bushwick HS campus.

Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” will not be reinstated, but at least Bieber’s “Baby” is no longer the replacement.

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