The Only Real Question

by Michael Walsh

“Obama Smashing Records for Fundraisers,” reads the headline on this ABC News story:

President Obama today will continue his record-smashing fundraising schedule with six events in two states, tying the number for most fundraisers attended in a single day of his re-election campaign. Obama will raise north of $3.6 million for the Obama Victory Fund in Baltimore and Philadelphia, according to figures provided by the campaign.

The latest round of money events – with several more scheduled for New York City on Thursday, including a star-studded reception at actress Sarah Jessica Parker’s home – underscores the unprecedented amount of time the president is spending on the money trail.

In the first 12 days of June, Obama has attended 21 fundraising events. All told, he has now attended 163 re-election fundraisers for his campaign and the Democratic Party – almost double the number George W. Bush attended in his entire first term (86) and more than any other president in history.

Conventional wisdom says that second terms are usually failures, that the president essentially has one House election cycle to accomplish anything, after which he’s a lame duck. But there’s been nothing conventional about the Obama presidency; never before had the country elected someone as manifestly unqualified and personally mysterious — a man most Americans still know next to nothing about. Instead, they elected a figment of Jake Lingle’s imagination, one with a very large chip on his shoulder.

#more#Unfortunately, he’s no more qualified and no less mysterious today than he was four years ago. And now it’s safe to say that — other than sitting around the Oval Office with David Axelrod playing Drones of Death — most of the president’s time is occupied with . . . being inaugurated as president again seven months from now. 

But, as Peggy Noonan recently pointed out: “He could be president now if he wanted to be.” So why not act like it? Why this obsession with reelection to the near exclusion of all else? Why the frantic racing around the country, hoovering up rich folks’ cash at the common people’s expense and leaving traffic jams and road chaos in his wake? 

In other words, what is it about a second term that’s so important to him that he’s willing to expose what has essentially been a sham presidency — certainly, aside from health care, a sham first term of basketball games, parties, golf, and vacations — in his quest for something that’s clearly greater to him? In short, what is Barack Hussein Obama really after, once he’s freed from campaigning and any electoral responsibility to the voters?

So back we go to the only real question — why? With the housing market still cratering, real unemployment soaring, personal wealth vaporizing, what more is left for him to accomplish as he acquaints Amerikkka with the joys of progressive payback? Because either you believe that the wasteland of the first term was due to incompetence or — the only other alternative — malevolence.

He’s not running on competence, so that pretty much narrows it down. 

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