‘The Great Immigration Reform Mirage’

by Mark Krikorian

Ross Douthat blogs on the amnesty fantasy shared by Jeb Bush and the Obama White House. He links to a New Yorker piece by Ryan Lizza, who reports that “but if, as seems likely, Obama will have just one chance of achieving a major piece of domestic legislation in his second term, the most promising focus, according to current and former aides, would be on immigration.” Let’s hope Obama never gets to test this theory, but if he does, he’ll be in for a surprise. As Ross concludes his posting:

But if Jeb Bush Republicans and Obama Democrats try to fast track a more comprehensive bill, they will be reminded that there are other sorts of Republicans and Democrats, and that bipartisanship cuts both ways. Even if the president wins re-election, the populist coalition that opposes amnesty may still be as large — if not larger — than the elite coalition that supports it.

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