The ‘Social Justice’ of Abortion

by David French

One of my prime areas of concern is the brewing battle between young Evangelicals (much more progressive) and their parents’ and grandparents’ Evangelical generations. Young Evangelical leaders are increasingly tempting Christians to abandon any effective voice in the fight for life for the sake of “social justice.” Over at Patheos, I respond (and refer to Jonah’s book, as a bonus). Key paragraph:

The point here is simple: in exchange for adopting fashionable leftist policies that at worst actually harm the people they’re trying to help and at best represent debatably-effective solutions to complex and intractable problems, the social justice Christian Left has thrown under the bus the most vulnerable citizens of this (or any) culture — unborn children.  Because, you see, if you’re truly effective and outspoken in your opposition to abortion, then you’re just a “culture warrior.”  And God knows, you don’t want to be one of those.

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