Holder’s Not the Only One Who’s Got a Lot to Answer For

by Andrew C. McCarthy

Not to be a broken record on this, but we knew exactly what the Holder of 2009–2011 would be because we experienced the Holder of 1998–2000. A couple of months back, when the attorney general teamed up with Al Sharpton to bully Florida into a race-based second-degree murder indictment against George Zimmerman based on risibly insufficient evidence, I reminded folks of what I tried to warn them about when Holder was nominated:

[Holder's] prior tenure as Clinton deputy attorney general — a record of corrupting the pardon process, politicizing the Justice Department (even to the point of arranging commutations for convicted FALN terrorists), and misleading Congress — made it embarrassingly obvious that he was not fit to be attorney general. Yet, Senate Republicans ignored warnings to this effect and marched in merry lockstep with Democrats to confirm him overwhelmingly.

Now, so predictably, Al Sharpton is smiling. We have no justice and no peace.

Congress’s main job is not to hold corrupt officials in contempt. Particularly in the Senate, it is to stop nominees with a track record of corruption from being confirmed in the first place. As for Holder, he is Obama — he’s just implementing the president’s policies. We have exactly the attorney general you get when you vote for Obama.

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