More Interviews and Reviews for Uncontrolled

by Jim Manzi

Media interest in Uncontrolled has remained high and positive for the last couple of weeks. These are pointers to some of the meatier recent reviews and interviews, for anyone who is interested.

Peter Robinson, despite his constant self-deprecation in the interview, did a fantastic job highlighting important parts of the book in a television interview for Uncommon Knowledge. His prior life as a speechwriter for President Reagan was evident in the way he summarized some of the ideas better than I was able to after working on the book for several years.  

Russ Roberts (among other more academic achievements, the guy behind the legendary Keynes vs. Hayek rap video) did his show this week on the book. This focused mainly on the implications of the ideas for the practice of economics.

Ronald Bailey wrote an extended and thoughtful review for The American Conservative. Like Eric Posner’s earlier review in The New Republic, it is pretty much totally positive about the first two-thirds of the book, and then more mixed about the last third — but for almost entirely opposite reasons. I plan to write a post discussing this.

Steve Sailer wrote a characteristically interesting review in Taki’s Magazine, which gave some very good advice about how to make the book more inviting.

Ben Boychuk did two radio / podcast interviews on the book. The first was more oriented toward current affairs, and the second got into some of the deeper issues of the limits of our empirical knowledge.

Conor Friedersdorf did an edition of his Bloggingheads show on it. We had some technical difficulties, but got into some different conversations that were more political, and I thought pretty interesting.

Finally, James Poulos (“the postmodern conservative”) did an interview at Forbes, which naturally focused more on business implications, and included some of what I thought were very shrewd questions.

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