Read and Weep

by Victor Davis Hanson

David Sanger tweeted on Friday, “Hmmm…not sure this is good news: Sen Feinstein: ‘You learn more from the book than I did as chair of intel cmte.’’”

Not sure, Mr. Sanger? Hmmm — what did David Sanger think was going to happen when he published the most intimate details of America’s covert War on Terror, with the apparent wink and nod from the Obama administration, which gave such a court reporter the information and was itself eager for praise for its covert achievements. The book’s release, of course, was accidentally timed for the middle of the 2012 campaign. Lots of people are going to die in a variety of contexts because of the leaks and revelations documented in this book and elsewhere.

Today, CNN is reporting that the Taliban is going after polio-vaccination programs. There is a sick logic to that, given that we read in recent news sources that the Obama administration used a Pakistani doctor to glean intelligence from hepatitis vaccinations. Expect such terrorists to scapegoat the U.S. as they leverage humanitarian programs in their propaganda war, energized by the Obama administration leaks.

In addition, there are going to be lots of people put at risk — foreign sources, perhaps our own military and intelligence personnel, and diplomats — who do everything from providing injections to selling video equipment abroad. They will now be under suspicion of being U.S. operatives or stooges. Thousands of children may not receive inoculations. No matter, the New York Times people got their “exclusive” story and Beltway praise, and Barack Obama got the word out to the yokels that he was a “paradox” and led a “surprising” tough anti-terrorism war. The strategic and humanitarian fallout from all this insanity is only beginning. 

A final question, how in fact did Bradley Manning’s disclosures differ from those of Thomas Donilon’s? Or rather is this not what you would expect when the Obama administration replaced a four-star general as national security adviser with a former lobbyist and Fannie Mae grandee?

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