Where’s Chuck?

by Nathaniel Botwinick

A legion of New York Democrats have come out to denounce Charles Barron, the racist Democratic candidate in New York’s 8th Congressional District. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, former mayor Ed Koch, Representative Jerrold Nadler, and other assorted councilmen and state representatives have all stated their opposition to Charles Barron. But where is New York’s senior senator, Chuck Schumer? The senator who loves press conferences suddenly doesn’t have anything to say?

At his Sunday press conference, he promised that “I’ll be speaking about [Charles Barron] in the near future.” The primary is on June 26, so time is running out. However, Schumer has been pursuing other important issues instead of opposing Charles Barron. Since his vow, he has appealed for changes in federal regulations to New York–made Greek yogurt and denounced Apple’s plans to build its own Maps program. It’s good to know the senator has his priorities in order.

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