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The Washington Post on ‘Rodney King’s Legacy’


The Washington Post has an editorial today on “Rodney King’s Legacy,” the hard-copy’s sub-headline of which asks, “Two decades after the beating that shocked the world, how much has changed?” The Post answers its question by saying that “the fears and suspicions” of police misconduct “understandably persist.” For evidence that fear and suspicion of the police is “understand[able],” the Post gives only two examples: (a) the fact that George Zimmerman was not initially charged with murder, and (b) the fact that lots more blacks and Latinos are stopped-and-frisked in New York City than are other racial groups. That’s pretty thin evidence for the Post’s defense of anti-police emotions. We’ll see now after a full trial how misguided the local police were with regard to Mr. Zimmerman; meanwhile, NRO readers know that Heather Mac Donald has already answered the Post’s second point.