Your Summer Beach Reading

by Yuval Levin
Summer is here and the new summer issue of National Affairs is now online, packed with essays to get you through those hot vacation days. Among the offerings:
  • Adam White on Obama’s cynical energy agenda
  • Chris DeMuth on how we might rein in the regulatory state
  • Jonathan Caulkins and Michael Lee on what the economics of drug legalization would really look like
  • Amy Wax on the folly of “disparate impact” jurisprudence
  • Meghan Clyne on Laura Ingalls Wilder as a teacher of liberty
  • Scott Gottlieb on the culture of the FDA

and much more (including essays by Leon Kass,  Josh Barro, and others). Some are free to all, others available only to subscribers, and here is where you can subscribe (to also get the journal in print, which might make for easier beach reading).

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