The Imaginary World of Barack Obama

by Peter Kirsanow

So we learn that President Obama’s description of substantive aspects of his grandfather’s life are fictional, as are other details in his preferred narrative: an inspirational black girlfriend in college who turns out to be white; a close black friend in grade school who’s actually Japanese and Native American, and not all that close; a 20-year pastor and mentor who, it turns out, is “not the man I knew;” Bill Ayers is just “some guy in the neighborhood.”

The fantasies aren’t confined to Obama’s biography. He’s the most fiscally prudent president of the last 50 years. The private sector is “doing fine.” Guantanamo can be closed with the stroke of a pen. The “most transparent administration in history” can invoke executive privilege and frustrate FOIA multiple requests. The unemployment rate will never rise above 8 percent if he spends $800 billion on shovel ready jobs that, admittedly, don’t exist. Russia will cooperate in matters large and small upon mere presentment of a “reset” button. Bows, apologies, and teleprompter speeches will prompt Middle Eastern despots to join hands with the West and skip merrily through the daisies. He will lower the oceans and heal the planet.

And Andrea Mitchell would have voters believe that Mitt Romney’s the one who’s out of touch.

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