Good Romance, or, A Smile for St. Dominic

by Michael Potemra

I have previously had occasion in this space to express my admiration for the musical talent of Lady Gaga, and for the theological and artistic achievements of Dominican friars. I can’t honestly say I ever expected those two cultural forces to be explicitly combined, but, in the Age of the Internet, anything can and does happen. In this video — to see it, scroll down that webpage to “Novus Ordo Dominicans Unleashed” — a group of Dominican friars perform their version of the tune “Bad Romance,” with new, religious lyrics. The website that contains the video expresses disapproval of the song; I think it’s fun, and appropriates a memorable pop melody to convey a positive message. (N.B. The little shape the friars make with their hands when singing the word “Dominicanes” is meant to suggest a dog’s head, because in Latin Domini canes means “the Lord’s dogs.”)

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