DREAM Amnesty Decree -- Keeping Score and Taking Names

by Mark Krikorian

Obama’s amnesty decree has served a purpose in flushing out those on the right who not only support amnesty but also aren’t fussy about the niceties of constitutional government. Southern Baptist luminary Richard Land, for instance, endorsed the president’s usurpation, saying ““I’m trying to figure out what the problem is.”

The Cato Institute’s Alex Nowrasteh not only endorsed the White House move as a “good first step“, but complained more generally that the Obama administration hasn’t been gutting immigration enforcement fast enough.

An honorable exception is John Podhoretz, who approves of the DREAM Act amnesty as policy but not the means used: “it is wrong, and possibly unconstitutional, for a president to arrogate to himself the power to pick and choose which laws his administration is going to enforce.” JPod puts his finger on the problem by describing the decree as “banana-republic stuff.” He goes on to note “Of course, you’ll never hear his [Obama's] acolytes saying so.” In other words, Richard Land and Cato are, objectively, Obama’s acolytes.

There must be more examples, so, if you could, please insert in the comments other published reactions of overtly pro-amnesty people on the right who have endorsed, or opposed, the president’s decree.

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