DREAM Decree’s Logistical Nightmare

by Mark Krikorian

Another disheartening note: As a result of the president’s recent immigration decision, you’re going to see fraud on a titanic scale, possibly rivaling the 1986 amnesty, which awarded legal status fraudulently to perhaps three-quarters of a million illegal aliens, including Mahmud “The Red” Abouhalima, one of the leaders of the 1993 World Trade Center attack.

A first inkling of how bad it’s going to be came from a simple experiment conducted by my colleague David North, who’s been examining the mechanics of immigration for decades, including real-time study of the implementation of the 1986 amnesty. He just called up USCIS’s toll-free DREAM amnesty number (1-800-375-LATE) and asked six different staff people whether someone who crossed the Rio Grande on his own at age 14 (and thus was not “brought” to the U.S. by his parents) would qualify. Three people said yes, he would qualify (I think that’s probably the right answer), one said no, and two didn’t know. Your Government at Work.

And, naturally, the only fraud the open-borders folks are worried about is con-artists defrauding the illegal aliens.

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