Cruz: Perry Only Backs Dewhurst Because He Wants Him out of Texas

by Katrina Trinko

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports on what Ted Cruz said Friday following the debate with David Dewhurst:

Cruz told reporters the “Texas political establishment” is opposing him because “there are a lot of folks in Texas who would very much like to get him out of the state legislature and send him to Washington.”

Later in the press conference, Cruz named Perry, saying Perry and Dewhurst “have fought tooth-and-nail” over state budgets but “It is in [Perry's] political interest to get rid of David Dewhurst and get him out of Austin and send him somewhere else.”

UPDATE: Perry responded late Friday in a statement to the online Texas Tribune, writing that Cruz “falsely characterized my rationale for endorsing my friend and conservative colleague David Dewhurst” and that Dewhurst will “overhaul Washington, block President Obama’s socialist agenda and restore the 10th amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Making false statements about my motives or David Dewhurst’s conservative record is a disservice to Texas voters.”

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