Sharpton: GOP Targeting Holder to Slow Down Civil Rights

by Ian Tuttle

A group of “civil-rights leaders,” headed by Al Sharpton, held a press conference earlier today at the National Press Club to announce their support for Attorney General Eric Holder.

Sharpton called the contempt charge against Holder a “reckless and morally contemptible act” that Republicans are using “to slow down the enforcement of civil rights law in this country.”

“We would take this position if he was white, if he was black, or if he was polka-dot,” said Sharpton. “For those that say that we are only interested in bringing up race because he’s black, no, we bring up race because [of] the issues he fought.”

This comes only a few days after Sharpton wrote in an op-ed that

AG Holder was in essence ‘stopped & frisked’ without probable cause, and after he cooperated, he was made an example of. What [Republican congressman Darrell] Issa just showed us is that no matter what our stature in this world, someone can easily try to ‘put us in our place.’ What could be more outrageous?

How about a civil-rights leader accusing a sitting congressman of racism, then lying about it in a national press conference? That seems pretty outrageous.

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