Occupy Movement Set to Ruin July 4 for Philly’s 99 Percent

by Deroy Murdock

The Occupy movement plans to occupy Philadelphia’s Independence Hall on July 4. The nearby Liberty Bell now will spend Independence Day surrounded by unwashed protesters twirling to the sounds of bongo drums.

This promises to be yet another example of the pointless Occupy movement aiming at “the 1 percent” while hammering the “99 percent,” whom they claim to represent. If they truly want to rankle the 1 percent, why don’t they occupy a country club?

Instead, Occupy’s presence in the City of Brotherly Love will require cops, sanitation workers (certainly), and perhaps firefighters to babysit these folks, rather than relax on July 4 with their friends and loved ones. These public servants definitely are not 1 percenters, nor are most of the taxpayers who finance their salaries and, on a national holiday, surely bonus pay.

Occupy has nailed the 99 percent before. Last November 2, they stopped their vandalism and arson long enough to shutter the Port of Oakland, California. This caused unionized longshoremen and Teamsters to miss their work shifts. Meanwhile, watching that action and seeing Occupy protesters rampage through City Hall and coat downtown Oakland in graffiti likely made exporters and importers think twice about transporting their goods through a domestic war zone.

When the Occupy movement began last autumn in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park, protesters frightened customers of local merchants and deli owners, driving some out of business. As WCBS-TV reported, several Occupiers last March 14 poured buckets of human waste down a staircase and into an ATM vestibule near Wall Street. How does wading through sewage make life easier for bank tellers reporting for work, or for secretaries who want to withdraw cash to buy lunch and some tube socks?

Occupy Wall Street and its offshoots have devolved into a mob with no discernible goals. (One Occupy Union Square protester in Manhattan recently slouched on the pavement beside a placard that read: “Everything for Everyone.” Huh?) Rather than contribute concretely to the public debate, the Occupy movement generates a giant mess that everyone else must clean up.

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