N.C. Dem Accidentally Legalizes Fracking

by Ian Tuttle

A bit of serendipity in North Carolina: Fracking is now legal in the Tar Heel State thanks to House Democrat Becky Carney, who accidentally pushed the wrong button. Her vote gave Republicans the 72 votes they needed to override Governor Beverly Perdue’s veto, and because it was the deciding vote, it could not be changed, per House rules.

Local news station WRAL reports, “Just after the vote, Carney’s voice could be heard on her microphone, saying ‘Oh my gosh. I pushed green.’” Carney blamed the hour and her exhaustion: “It is late. Here we are rushing to make these kind of decisions this time of night.” But “I take responsibility for my vote,” she said.

Which she should. And, hey, when fracking operations start bringing jobs, revenue, and cheap energy to the state, that vote will become the best mistake of her career.

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