No Sex Please, We’re Americans

by Michael Walsh

Sad news on the book-tour front:

It was billed to be an explosive tell-all about what ‘really happened’ during the affair that ended a marriage and the dreams of the man who was being pipped to be the next U.S. president.

But after all the hype, it seems not that many people really wanted to hear Rielle Hunter’s side of the story, as the book about her relationship with former senator John Edwards has sold just 6,000 copies.

Due to poor sales, Hunter seems to have dropped under the radar and scheduled no additional tour dates despite an initial media blitz.

Leave it to John Edwards — lest we forget, the vice-presidential nominee of the Democratic Party in 2004, a serious candidate for president in 2008, and the man for whom the word “mountebank” was coined — to have a sex scandal in which nobody is interested in the sex. 

To quote Emily Litella: Never mind.

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