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Dewhurst Speech Advocating Guest-Worker Program for Illegal Immigrants Vanishes from Site


In a 2007 speech, Texas lieutenant governor David Dewhurst said, “I support a guest worker program for those here today illegally.” That statement was noted late last month in a blog post on the Houston Chronicle website, which, pivoting off a push from the Cruz campaign to highlight the quotation, wrote, “Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who adamantly opposed a guest worker program ‘until and unless’ the border is secured in last week’s U.S. Senate debate with Ted Cruz, supported a guest worker program ‘for those here today illegally’ in a 2007 speech.”

But now the Chronicle’s link to that 2007 speech takes you to a page reading “the page cannot be found.” Dewhurst’s staff, it appears, deliberately took down the 2007 speech. I was unable to find it elsewhere on the site — which is not Dewhurst’s campaign site, but the official one for him as lieutenant governor — and his campaign did not respond when asked about the matter. The Cruz campaign has uploaded a screen shot of the speech here.


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