Cruz Late to Filing Personal Finance Statement

by Katrina Trinko

From the Texas Tribune:

U.S. Senate hopeful Ted Cruz is facing a $200 fine for failing to file his personal financial statement on time as required by law, his campaign acknowledged Tuesday evening.

Candidates for the U.S. Senate were supposed to turn in their personal financial statements nearly two months ago, but Cruz didn’t realize he was delinquent until The Texas Tribune asked him about it late last week, said his campaign manager, John Drogin.

Cruz, in a tight runoff with Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, filled out the form over the weekend and then sent it to Washington via overnight mail on Monday.

“We plan to send in that late fee, absolutely. If we are required to submit any other fees or penalties, we will do so right away, absolutely,” Drogin said. “Full compliance and full disclosure.”

The financial report was due on May 15. Drogin cited the hectic nature of the campaign and said it just slipped through the cracks.

“It was an administrative oversight,” he said.

The Dewhurst campaign is leaping on the incident. “Today it was exposed that Ted Cruz failed to file his personal financial disclosure with the Senate Ethics Committee and was penalized with the maximum fine,” said Mark Miner, a Dewhurst adviser, in a statement. “What is Short Fuse Cruz hiding? What other shady clients is he trying to shield? The Dewhurst for Texas campaign demands that Ted Cruz release his Personal Financial Disclosure form, and disclose other possible fines and campaign ethics breaches. We seriously doubt this is the only one.”

“Today’s ethics lapse that was uncovered by the Texas Tribune demonstrates a complete lack of transparency and integrity by Ted Cruz,” Miner added. “It’s ironic that Ted Cruz has been fined by the Senate Ethics Committee without even being elected to the Senate. Texans deserve to know the truth about where Ted Cruz’s money comes from. Come clean, Ted.”

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