FactCheck.Org: Romney Not Involved in Bain During Olympics

by Katrina Trinko

The Romney campaign sends along this Politico piece:


FactCheck.org is standing by their assessment that Mitt Romney did not actively manage Bain Capital after February 1999, despite today’s Boston Globe report that he was CEO there until 2002.

“We see little new in the Globe piece. So far nobody has shown that Romney was actually managing Bain (even part-time) during his time at the Olympics, or that he was anything but a passive, absentee owner during that time, as both Romney and Bain have long said,” Brooks Jackson, a co-author of the FactCheck piece, told POLITICO today.

During the conference call this meeting, the Obama campaign was asked if they had proof Romney was involved in the day-to-day Bain dealings when he was leading the Olympics. The campaign didn’t offer any evidence that they had any such proof. 

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