Soros-backed Super PAC Targets Allen West

by Ian Tuttle

Shark Tank, a website devoted to Florida politics, reports that a new Super PAC, “Dump West,” devoted exclusively to unseating House member Allen West, will file with the FEC in coming weeks. Among those who have committed money to its $5 million war chest? Left-wing billionaire George Soros.

According to Shark Tank, Charles Halloran, a former aide to President Bill Clinton and “one of the most respected voter targeting/turn out experts in the Democratic Party,” has been recruited to the effort, along with congressman-turned-lobbyist Larry Smith.

Tim Edson, West’s campaign manager, issued this statement to NRO:

Left-wing radicals like George Soros fear a black conservative with the courage to speak the truth to the American people and stand up to the liberal media’s distortions.   Allen West remains the top target of national liberals and left-wing Super PACs, so it is no surprise they will attempt to silence him and spend $5 million to buy Florida’s 18th District for a liberal willing to rubber stamp the divisive, failed agenda of President Obama and Nancy Pelosi.  Allen West will not be silenced or intimidated.  He will continue to speak the truth.       

And West has no reason to be intimidated: The freshman congressman raised $2.2 million in the last quarter alone, bringing his war chest to $9.9 million — staggering numbers for a House members. The only congressman who have raised more, according to watchdog, are Speaker John Boehner and Minnesota congresswoman (and onetime presidential candidate) Michele Bachmann.  

I suspect that West is flattered by the forces lining up against him. As they say, judge a man by the strength of his enemies . . .

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