Dewhurst, Cruz Announce Fundraising Totals

by Katrina Trinko

The Cruz and Dewhurst campaigns came out with their fundraising totals today from May 10 to June 30, raising $1.7 million and $6 million respectively. The Dewhurst campaign announced that 90 percent of donations received were from Texas, while the Cruz campaign wrote:

Cruz has more donors in the greater Houston area alone than David Dewhurst has statewide.

The campaign’s average contribution size is $156.84—less than one-tenth of Dewhurst’s contribution size—and donations under $100 total 37,220.

(UPDATE: I should note that the reason Dewhurst reported more than Cruz was that he put $4.5 million of his own money into the race.) 

Dewhurst, whose campaign has attacked Cruz for his support from Washington, D.C. groups (such as Club for Growth and Senator Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund), was filmed going into a fundraiser hosted a lobbying firm:

And the Dewhurst campaign released a new TV ad attacking Cruz today. “He’s lying about David Dewhurst,” the announcer says of Cruz. “Cruz attacks Dewhurst on taxes and spending – false. The record shows Dewhurst cut spending and taxes, opposed state wage, property and income taxes. And Ted Cruz, he’s a lawyer trained in Washington. Half the money supporting Cruz comes from Washington. And Cruz got fined for keeping his finances secret. Lawyer Ted Cruz in corrupt Washington. He’d fit right in.” Watch:

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