Obama 2 Points Ahead in Key States

by Katrina Trinko

Barack Obama is ahead of Mitt Romney, 47 percent to 45 percent, among voters in twelve key states, according to a new Purple Strategies poll. In Colorado, Obama is 1 point ahead of Romney (45 percent to 44 percent), and in Ohio and Virginia, he is 3 and 2 points ahead respectively (48 percent to 45 percent and 46 percent to 44 percent). 

Also, despite the much-talked about Seamus incident, more independents (43 percent) see Romney as being like the family dog than they do Obama (38 percent). (Among all voters, to be fair, more see Obama as like the family dog.) However, 44 percent of independents do say Obama is like a cat versus the 31 percent who see Romney that way. 

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