CBS/NYT Poll: 49 Percent of Republicans Enthusiastic About Romney

by Noah Glyn

Some interesting results from the newest CBS/NYT poll: 49 percent of Republicans describe themselves as enthusiastic about Romney; that’s up 13 points from March:

Meantime, three and a half months before election day, Republican enthusiasm about voting this year has shot up since Mitt Romney clinched the nomination in April, from 36 percent of Republicans saying they were more enthusiastic in March to 49 percent now.

President Obama was helped to election in 2008 by a wave of voter enthusiasm among Democrats, however this year, Democratic enthusiasm is down a bit since March. Twenty-seven percent of Democrats said they were more enthusiastic about voting this year than they were in past elections, compared to 30 percent four months ago. And 48 percent of Democrats say their enthusiasm this year is the same as past elections, compared to 39 percent who answered the same question in March.

Also, most people seem to think that the vice-presidential candidate will affect their votes:

As buzz in the media about who Mitt Romney’s running mate will be hits a fever pitch, 74 percent of registered voters said that a candidate’s VP choice matters a lot or somewhat. Twenty-six percent of registered voters said the choice matters a lot to their vote, while 48 percent said it matters somewhat. Twenty-five percent said it doesn’t matter at all.

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