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A Curious Condiment


In response to my Great Lakes Journal today, I’m getting a fair amount of mail concerned with two relatively small things: Tim Hortons, and what the heck they did with their apostrophe; and “KFC” versus “Kentucky Fried Chicken.” Many outlets throughout the world go by just the three initials; some go by the whole hog — the three words.

I can’t resist sharing one e-mail with you.

Hi, Jay,

I’m reminded of a medical story, which you hear a lot of in my line of work. A doctor is making his morning rounds. An old lady is finishing up her breakfast. “How was it?” the doctor asks. “Fine,” she says, “except for the Kentucky jelly for my toast — sort of bland.” The doctor looks at her tray, and, sure enough: There’s an empty packet of K-Y jelly.

Yikes. Frankly, this story rings true to me. “Consistent with life,” as an old boss of mine used to say.


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