GSA Spent $270,000 to Celebrate Itself

by Betsy Woodruff

Remember when the GSA got in trouble for using $820,000 of government funds to pay for, among other things, a clown, a mind reader, 1,000 sushi rolls, and a team-building make-your-own bicycle session at its October conference in Vegas? Well, they didn’t limit their government-funded fun to Sin City. The Hill reports that the GSA’s inspector general is investigating a one-day $270,000 award ceremony held on November 17, 2010. Among other expenditures, the event’s coordinators paid $20,000 for 4,000 drumsticks used for “a drum band exercise.” Hopefully whoever pulled that off got a prize for Most Creative Use of Taxpayer Dollars.

Representative Jeff Denham, the chairman of the House Transportation Committee’s Economic Development, Public Buildings, and Emergency Management subcommittee, said they will keep investigating the “culture of waste, fraud and abuse” within the GSA. When the group’s Vegas adventures came to light, its administrator resigned and two of her top deputies were fired. The new leadership seems to be cooperating with the investigation and has suspended all spending on events, including its favorite team-building exercises.

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