The Stupidest ‘Lean Forward’ Ad Yet

by Noah Glyn

Courtesy of Rachel Maddow:

There’s a lot of bunk to unpack here. I’ll leave most of that to others, but I just want to point out that being pro-life is entirely consistent with a small government philosophy.

Liberals seem to mistake conservatives for anarchists. Barack Obama talks about roads and bridges as if there was some great force arguing that government should stop all infrastructure projects. Obama knocks down these strawmen with great vigor, because, believe it or not, when you argue against imaginary people, you usually win.

There is a place for government in our lives. It’s nice to drive on government roads, drink clean water, and use unleaded gasoline. The most important function of government, however, is to protect people’s lives, which Roe v. Wade has undermined, by preventing states from restricting abortion. Those who want Roe v. Wade overturned believe that the question of abortion should be left to the states. That is, they want to shrink the federal government’s jurisdiction in matters related to abortion, just as small-government types want to reduce the government’s role in the economy.

Rachel Madow, like the president, doesn’t understand what conservatives believe. Or pretends not to.

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