Obama to Face Election With Limited Funds?

by Katrina Trinko

The Wall Street Journal reports:


Some Democrats worry that the overhead built by the Obama camp over the past 15 months will prove impossible to sustain. Unless fundraising picks up, the Obama campaign may enter the season’s final stretch confronting hard choices: paring salaries, scaling back advertising or pulling out of swing states in a bid to control costs, these Democrats say.

The president spent twice as much as Mr. Romney in June, as his campaign purchased more TV ads, paid more than twice as many employees and spent millions of dollars on public-opinion polls, federal records show.

June was the second month in a row that Mr. Obama’s campaign dipped into the red, while the president was outraised by the Romney campaign. In May and June combined, the Obama campaign spent 20% more than it took in, records show.

Mr. Romney and his party have now socked away more money than Mr. Obama and the Democratic National Committee. Mr. Romney banked $170 million as of June 30, compared with $147 million for the president.

Of course, the flip side to this is whether Romney, whose air presence has been significantly less than Obama’s, is being defined in these early days of the election in a way that he will not be able to challenge in the later months, even if he has more presence on the airwaves than Obama at that point.  The Romney campaign has accurately pointed out that the negative Obama ads haven’t lead to a significant change in the polls. But Romney needs to gain a few more points to be ahead of Obama (the current RealClearPolitics average of polls shows Obama with a 1.2 point lead) — and he hasn’t achieved that yet. Even if the onslaught of Obama negative ads are mainly keeping the race at the same place, that’s something benefits Obama at this point, not Romney. 

However, Obama’s fundraising continues apace, with news this morning that Vogue editor Anna Wintour and Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein will co-host a fundraiser in Greenwich, Conn. in early August for him, per the New York Post. Look for the RNC to have some fun discussing how such company “boosts” Obama’s man-of-the-people credentials.

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