A Death in Minsk

by Jay Nordlinger

This morning, I had a blogpost, referring to today’s Impromptus, which discusses the death of Oswaldo Payá. Was it an accident? How about Amalrik in 1980? Accident? Funny thing about these dissidents: They meet with accidents of a mysterious nature. Some of them fall out of windows.

A Soviet-born reader writes to remind us of — or tell us about — Solomon Mikhoels. He was an actor, the head of the Moscow State Jewish Theater. During the war, he served as chairman of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee. Afterward, however, Stalin had genocidal thoughts about the Jews, and Mikhoels needed to be bumped off: which he was, by a truck.

Actually, I think he was beaten to death, whereupon his body was run over by a truck, to make it look like a hit-and-run accident. Details, details. Anyway, Uncle Joe got his man, as he usually did. But he died before he could go after the Jews in a mass — i.e., genocidal — way.

Men such as Payá: They need to look out for trucks and other weapons. And I hope one day we will know the truth about Payá’s death, in a Cuba not controlled by a totalitarian dictatorship excused and supported by free people all over the world.

P.S. Mikhoels was killed in Minsk. Such activities still occur there, courtesy of a monster named Lukashenko, “Europe’s last dictator” (till the next one).

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