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Re: Romney: ‘What Kind of White House Would Reveal Classified Material for Political Gain?’


Romney isn’t alone in his concern about the national security leaks. Thirty-one senators signed a letter to attorney general Eric Holder calling for a special counsel to investigate the leaks, instead of the Justice Department.

Two of the letter’s signatories, Senators John Barrasso (R., Wyo.) and Roy Blunt (R., Mo.), spoke with National Review Online this afternoon about why they believe an independent, bipartisan investigation is so important.

“I don’t want just the Department of Justice to look at it,” said Barrasso. “I want somebody that has independence from the Department of Justice and the attorney general.” He emphasized that this independence is especially important given Eric Holder’s questionable leadership. He also didn’t rule out the possibility that the information was leaked to bolster the president’s popularity.  

“I don’t think that the president has done this, but I have questions about what the motivation was behind a number of the leaks,” he told NRO.

Blunt concurred. “I think the leaks are significant, I think they’ve done great damage that will last for a long time, and unless the people who are the reporters are simply making stuff up, it’s clear that this comes from high levels inside the administration.”

He also said he believes the leaks could be politically motivated: “They all have one common thread, which is, the president looks really good.”