Jeux Avec Frontières

by Andrew Stuttaford

Via the FT:

Authorities from at least two former Soviet republics that have long had strained relations with Moscow – Ukraine and Georgia – demanded corrections from organisers of the London Olympics after their cities were listed as “regions” of Russia. About 30 such blunders were made in the biographical data of athletes who, though representing Russia in the games, were born in neighbouring Ukraine, Georgia and other countries that were under Moscow’s control in the Soviet era. Of the more than 436 athletes representing Russia, 30 that were born abroad were described as having being born in cities that are regions of Russia. Corrections started appearing on the website on Thursday. In at least one instance, the birthplace of an athlete was deleted from the website. The Kyiv Post newspaper cited London officials as saying that Russian officials provided the biographical and geographical information for the site.

There’s a shocker.

On the other hand, this was splendid:

[A]  mistake made at Hampden Park in Glasgow, Scotland, led to the delay of the women’s soccer game between North Korea and Colombia for about an hour after the North Korean team walked off the pitch. A video introducing the North Korean players showed their faces next to a South Korean flag.

Well played!

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