Cruz Down the Homestretch

by Jack Fowler

So we approach the final Republican showdown in Texas, Cruz vs. Dewhurst, to be settled once and for all this coming Tuesday. I’m rooting for the man who will be a Capitol Hill game-changer, and so is NR: I’d like to remind one and all that we formally endorsed Ted, and that we called him – on the cover of our October 11, 2011 magazine profile (“As Good as it Gets: Ted Cruz Runs for Senate,” by Brian Bolduc) – “the next great conservative hope.” Which he is. I’ve put my money where my beliefs are and have donated to Ted’s campaign three times, and I suggest any good conservative who doesn’t want to wake up on Wednesday morning complaining and forlorn should do likewise. I am excited about the possibility of a United States Senate in 2013 led by the likes of Toomey, Rubio, DeMint, Lee, Paul, Johnson. Add Cruz to that mix – it’s like Ted Williams joining the 1956 Yankees. A great team made even greater. Vaya con Dios Mr. Dewhurst, we bear you no ill will and wish you no harm, but understand – a Senator Cruz is a must for the conservative movement, and for America. God pray the Republican voters of Texas make this possibility a reality on Tuesday (to be confirmed in November). Those of us who don’t live in Texas must understand that this election is very important for all Americans. Help is needed: Ted is being wildly outspent. Any contribution, from a max-out to a sawbuck, will be of great value. Whip out the credit card and get donating already.

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