Tomorrow on Radio Free Kudlow

by Jack Fowler

As the summer and economic doldrums collide, Larry and his gang of experts and analysts — among them Representative David Dreier, NR’s own Bob Costa, Steve Moore, Jennifer Rubin, Tony Fratto, David Malpass, Brian Wesbury, Mike Ozanian, and Jack Bouroudjian — will be taking to the radio airwaves on Saturday (from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Eastern Time) to discuss a host of topics, including the 1.5 percent GDP stall (proof of Obamanomics’ failure?), the gutting of federal welfare reform, the surge in people on the federal dole, expected Fed “easing,” the possibility of a government shutdown, the release of a FreedomWorks poll on tea-party issues, and much more (like Larry’s interview with Mitt Romney on five policies for growth). Want to listen? You can hear Larry’s show locally (find a listing of all stations here, or listen via the web here). Have a great weekend, and while you’re doing that remember the Kudlow Rule — free markets are the best path to prosperity!

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