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From Special Report with Bret Baier |Friday, July 27, 2012

On President Obama’s argument that his policies are in keeping with those pursued by President Clinton:

Mr. President, I knew Bill Clinton. I was not exactly a friend of Bill Clinton. You are no Bill Clinton. Clinton was a centrist. Obama is a leftist. Clinton is the guy who abolished welfare and said the era of big government is over. Obama is the exact opposite, and to actually pretend he’s otherwise I think is not going to work.

On whether President Obama’s approval of a bill intended to enhance military cooperation between Israel and the US will improve his standing among pro-Israel voters:

Obama today signed a bill that was passed overwhelmingly in Congress, supporting Israel and giving extra money for the Iron Dome antimissile defense system, which Israel has.

Question, will this incline anybody who is pro-Israel to support Obama in November?

And the correct answer is no, unless he’s been in a coma for three-and-a-half years.

Obama is simply here continuing the military cooperation we’ve had with Israel for decades. But on the life-and-death political issues — stopping Iran’s nuclear program, which is closer than ever to completion; to pressing Israel to return to the ‘67 lines; and to the way he’s insulted and marginalized Israel’s elected leaders — I think his record on Israel is a poor one.

It [signing this bill] is not going to change anybody[’s vote]. It’s clearly aimed at deflecting the attention Romney will get in Israel tomorrow.

White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer’s charged in a Friday posting on the White House blog that Krauthammer had repeated a “patently false” rumor that President Obama returned a bust of Winston Churchill to the British Embassy in 2009. On Pfeiffer’s reaction to the British Embassy’s confirmation late Friday afternoon that the bust was in fact returned:

It’s astonishing. He doubled down. All he had to say was “we got it wrong the first time.” The British ambassador today said that the bust that’s in his residence is the one that was returned when Obama came into office, exactly as I had written, 100 percent as I had written.

So not being able to deny it, he pretends it never happened, and he says the idea that the bust was returned is false. And then he talks about [people saying] the reason that the bust was returned was because of antipathy. I never talked about antipathy.

He should …honorably have said: “We made a mistake. There was an old [Churchill] bust in the White House, been around for 50 years. We got them confused.” That would have been understandable. That would have been honorable, but you don’t expect that out of this communications office ….

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