Behold: Liberty Island

by John J. Miller

Conservatives often complain that we’re losing the culture. Liberty Island wants to win it back. Here’s the pitch:

Liberty Island is a new kind of online literary magazine, offering short and mid-length fiction with a twist: we promote the values of personal freedom and public liberty, and reject all forms of orthodoxy, dogma and political correctness. Think McSweeney’s meets 1950s pulp magazines meets Thomas Paine.

The site will combine the features of a crowd-sourced content aggregator with those of a curated magazine and book publisher to create a unique online community: a place where readers can consume, discuss, and share books, music and other cultural products that reflect their tastes and values.

The president is Adam Bellow, an accomplished book editor (including books by me, Jonah, and others); the publisher is my old friend David Bernstein. So the project is in good hands. But it needs your help to succeed.

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