P.S. on Cruz and Columbus

by Jay Nordlinger

In an early stage of the Texas Senate race, we had a major and senior Republican politician from Texas in our offices — in NR offices, I mean. I asked him about the Senate race: Who did he think would win? He said the lieutenant governor. “And he’ll be challenged by the mayor of Dallas and maybe a couple of others.” He was kind of dismissive of the question. I mean, the result was a foregone conclusion. I asked about Ted Cruz. He had never heard of him — had never heard his name. This made me gulp, I confess.

Well, he’s heard his name now.

I say again, ladies and gents: If you think you have a right idea — go for it. Never up, never in. (Of course, it helps to have Ted Cruz’s talent, intelligence, and drive. Undeniable. But still . . .)

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