Republicans for Hollywood

by Kevin D. Williamson

From my profile of Kevin James, the conservative talk-radio host/entertainment lawyer running for mayor of Los Angeles, over on the home page:

Not far from the sleek towers of Century City, we start to hit long stretches of low-value retail property with a remarkable number of vacancies. Ventura Boulevard has shuttered storefronts on practically every other block in some spots — there were four or five closed-down realtors’ offices in close proximity to one another; somewhere inLos Angeles there is probably a realtor specializing in abandoned realtors’ offices. Empty and blighted shopping centers punctuate the miles, and the retail economy along Victory Boulevard looks nothing if not defeated.  


“What you’re seeing here,” Kevin James says, “is a decade of decline. And they — the mayor and the city council — aren’t doing anything to change the direction of L.A.” Most distressingly, even the entertainment industry is slowly abandoning Los Angeles, which makes James, intent on reviving the city’s economy, a member of a very small club: Republicans for Hollywood.

More on California’s economic woes here, and more to come.

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