Bordello Wisdom

by Jay Nordlinger

In today’s Impromptus, I have the usual mishmash — some gravity, some levity (allegedly), etc. I thought of writing extra and belated thoughts about Obama’s Roanoke speech — “you didn’t build that” and all that — but dropped it. Fortunately, a reader has picked up the slack. I enjoyed this a lot:

Last week, I was re-reading Polly Adler’s autobiography, A House Is Not a Home. (Why I was doing so, don’t ask.) On the off chance you haven’t heard of her, she was a famous New York madam, presiding from the ’20s to the ’40s. At one point, she is describing her discussions with businessmen during the Depression. When I read the following sentence, I nearly fell off my seat on the train:

“. . . some of my best friends are millionaires, men like Scottie who did — and do — far more to help out the ‘submerged tenth’ than all those parlor pinks and leftist windbags whose altruistic schemes always simmer down to saving the country with somebody else’s hard-earned money.”

Excellent stuff, madam. (Today, of course, that “tenth” might be “99 percent.”) (And “parlor pinks” might be “Left blogosphere.”)

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