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by John J. Miller

We publish my author-interview podcast, Between the Covers, on Tuesdays. But we record these conversations in advance, usually before books go on sale. This allows us to post many of our interviews on publication dates–i.e., the first day you can actually buy the books they discuss. Yesterday, for example, we recorded the podcast we’ll use on August 21, for a book that comes out that day. This morning, we’re recording the one that will go up on August 28.

Due to a technical glitch, our next two podcasts–the ones scheduled for August 7 and 14–were released on iTunes last night. Normally, they go out to our iTunes subscribers at the same time that they’re posted on NRO.

So if you subscribe to Between the Covers on iTunes, you can listen to our next two podcasts today. It’s like reading a pre-publication galley of a forthcoming book, which is the sort of thing I do all the time to select the authors and titles we cover.

I won’t say anything more about the content of these podcasts, except that they cover really interesting niche topics and both of the books already have come out, so we’re not breaking any publisher’s embargo.

There’s only one way to hear them right now: Subscribe to Between the Covers on iTunes. It’s free!

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