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by NRO Staff

From Special Report with Bret Baier |Friday, August 3, 2012

On the Obama administration’s lawsuit to prevent military voters from Ohio from voting three days longer than other absentee voters:

The reason the military would be given extra time is that their time is far more restricted — where they can go, when they can go and how they can go — than a civilian. And they’re doing it in the service of the country — often at great risk [themselves]. If you’re serving in Afghanistan, you don’t have 9:00 to 5:00.

But I think this is a larger attempt to win the election in the courts. The Democrats are trying to challenge every law on voter I.D….. The reason we’re trying to pass these laws is because we want to eliminate felons, illegal aliens, and dead people from casting a ballot. And it could make a difference in [an election won by a] razor thin margin, like in 2000 in Florida. So in Ohio they are hoping for a slim extra margin by restricting the vote of the military which everyone understands would be… weighted towards the Republicans..

On Democratic attempts to overturn voter-ID laws:

That is nakedly political. It’s hard to make a serious argument against requiring somebody to show at the polls what you’re required to do if you want to get on an airplane, drive a car, or enter in the Department of Justice building itself in Washington.

It’s clearly an attempt to scare and say “Republicans are racist and want to contract the size of the electorate and discriminate against [minorities].” And it’s also a way to make it easier for [anyone] they think would vote Democrat to get in [into the polls] in a way that’s not exactly legal.

On Senator Reid’s accusation that Governor Romney has not paid taxes in years:

When the leader of the Senate begins an accusation with “The word is out,” it’s beyond appalling. It’s disgusting….

It is the worst kind of demagoguery where he makes an accusation without any basis whatsoever on a blind source that he won’t tell us about and then say “you prove it and deny it.” That is the lowest kind of politics.

The reason it’s disgusting is because it actually is effective. It puts Romney on the defensive. It’s lose-lose if you’re Romney because he is talking about [his] taxes, which is exactly what Reid had intended, in response to a baseless accusation. It works.

On the unemployment rate increasing in this month’s Department of Labor report:

The rate itself is not the key. It’s the rate of change. It’s going in the wrong direction. It rose. That is what I think hurts Obama.

The chief economist of Credit Suisse said to the “New York Times” today that this is the worst recovery ever, including during the Great Depression. He said if you aren’t scared by that, you don’t know what is going on.

On the continued GSA scandal:

It hurts Democrats, deserved or not, because the Democrats are the party of government. Everyone knows you have to cut spending. But the Democrats speak about raising taxes.

You hear about this [continuing GSA scandal]. You think they are barking up the wrong tree.

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