‘The Ten Most Dangerous Politicians in Europe’

by Andrew Stuttaford

Der Spiegel is running a photo-gallery of the “ten most dangerous” politicians in Europe, troublemakers, agitators, you know how it goes.

In at number seven is none other than Britain’s own Nigel Farage. Not bad!  I note that his unnecessarily flattering description of the EU’s Herman van Rompuy as a man “with the charisma of a damp rag” translates as follows:

“Ein Mann mit dem Charisma eines feuchten Lappens.”

As I said, too complimentary.

Farage (the leader of Britain’s euroskeptic UKIP) was edged out of the number one spot by two increasingly restless Germans, a leftist Greek nut, Berlusconi (who is showing every sign of returning to the fray),  Le Pen’s daughter, and the True Finn. Wilders is in at number nine.

Curiously, Europe’s truly dangerous politicians, the architects and operators of the euro, or that curious fellow who is now president of France, don’t rate a mention.

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