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Re: Obama Now Defending ‘You Didn’t Build That’ Comment?


Katrina reprints a tweet from a small business owner in Wellesley: ‘We who are privileged to be in that position DO owe the country something for our success. —Rachael, small business owner in Wellesley, MA”

Whether this represents a real change in messaging or a low-ranking aide dropping the ball on Twitter, I have no idea. Time will tell. But what vexes me is what Rachael says. Of course people do owe something to the country for their success. Does anyone dispute that?  Has anyone said that successful people don’t owe the country anything? Don’t small business owners already pay taxes? It’s like Obama’s line about how the wealthy should give “something” back or be willing to “pay their fair share.” It makes it sound like the taxes people already pay amount to nothing and that people who oppose higher taxes agree that they aren’t paying their fair share. Not only is it sanctimonious twaddle, it’s sanctimonious twaddle spit-balled at strawmen.


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